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About Community at Oakwood Church

Everyone welcome at Oakwood Church

Oakwood Church sponsors social activities and events for young people; and other activities and events which mainly attract adults, though some are enjoyed by families. All are open to the wider community. All practice Oakwood Church’s Safeguarding Policy and Code of Practice.

Church sponsored activities and events are usually open to all but some may be limited by capacity, or ticketed in advance. Please get in touch with the named Contact listed on the activity’s web page, or the event’s organiser named in the Oakwood Church Newsletter or social media posts (see facebook, twitter, and instagram pages).

You don’t have to be a churchgoer or identify as Christian to join in Oakwood Church sponsored activities or events. Oakwood Church welcomes everyone who respects Equality and Diversity (EDI) and aspires to live our Christian values – which generally means being kind to ourselves and kind and respectful to others.

To learn more, use the Community drop-down menu (above) and navigate to Church Sponsored Social Activities.

Those who hire rooms in the Oakwood Church building

Many individuals, local community groups and commercial organisations Hire Rooms at the Oakwood Church building for regular meetings, one-off events or private parties.

The purpose and conduct of their activities or events must be compatible with Oakwood Church policy but they, not Oakwood Church, are responsible for what happens there.

Hirers are required to sign Terms and Conditions of Use and to be aware of the principles set out in the Oakwood Church Safeguarding Policy and Code of Practice.

To learn more, use the Community drop-down menu (above) and navigate to Local Community Activities held in the Oakwood Church building.


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