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Oakwood Church, Springwood Road LS8 2QA 

(off Oakwood Lane near Oakwood Clock).

Defibrillator - Location at Oakwood Church LS8 2LD
Defibrillator Oakwood Church LS8 2QA


Use the code to open the case door.

Remove the defibrillator.

Place patient on a hard flat surface.

Open the defibrilator lid.

Follow verbal instructions spoken by defibrillator. (There is no screen.)

Place red pad on top of patient’s right chest (left as you face) and blue pad on bottom of patient’s left chest (right as you face).

(A safety razor is provided in a separate bag for hairy chests where pads don’t adhere.)

Place red pad on top of right breast (left as you face) and blue pad underneath left breast (right as you face).

Place red pad in centre of chest and blue pad in centre of child’s back in line with red pad on chest.

Please return the defibrillator to the case and notify Oakwood Church so that it can be re-equipped.

If nobody representing Oakwood Church is present within the building, please Contact us without delay.

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