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WiFi was installed during January 2015, thanks to a one-off M.I.C.E. [Members Improvements in the Community and the Environment] award by our local Leeds City Council, Roundhay Ward Councillors Ghulam Hussain, Christine Macniven and Bill Urry who want to help empower and expand Community support activities held here

WiFi connected to the Internet by wired Broadband, enables and enhances a huge variety of activities and events which are open to all and enjoyed by people of all ages, cultures and beliefs - see Young People, Groups, Charity and the many Community organisations who meet in our large modern building

At our Café and at Our Digital World group we have specifically welcomed, supported and encouraged anyone and everyone to get to grips with the challenges and opportunities of digital technologies


We transmit two WiFi Network Identities (SSIDs) TalkTalk 553560 and TalkTalk 553560_HALL

Both require the same Password which will change over time. The current Password is published on notice boards in the Hall, New Room and Large Upstairs Room

Ensure your device WiFi is switched on. Connect to each WiFi Network Identity in turn, then enter the current Password and set your device to ‘connect automatically’. As you move around the building your device (OK, most devices) will automatically latch on to the strongest WiFi signal


We have configured TalkTalk WorkSafe Network Level Security to prevent Oakwood Church WiFi users being connected through our WiFi Broadband Internet connection to ‘inappropriate’ websites

Categories of blocked websites include those promoting Drugs and Alcohol, Gambling, Pornography, Suicide and Self Harm, Violence and Weapons

If you encounter any difficulty or cause for concern



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