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Rock Choir

Rock Choir

If you love to sing, you’ll love Rock Choir!

There’s no need to read music or audition and no experience is needed.

What if you feel you can’t sing at all? Lots of people feel this way. You won’t be alone!

Our talented Rock Choir Leaders are trained to deliver the perfect harmonies and you will be AMAZED how fantastic the choir sounds.

Come along and have fun, that’s all we need to get you started!

Your journey with us introduces new music, experiences, friendship, opportunities and a new found confidence to impact everyday life. Looking after your mental and physical health.

So much more than just a choir!

Thursdays20.00 in the Sanctuary at Oakwood Church. Ample free on-site and roadside car parking.
Choir LeaderAinjiel-Shaolee Clark
Call HQ01252 714 276
Email HQoffice@rockchoir.com
Join – Free Taster Sessionhttps://rockchoir.com/join/

Choir Leader Ainjiel-Shaolee Clark

Runs Rock Choirs at Oakwood Church Roundhay, and in Ilkley, Keighley, Horsforth and Wakefield.

Ainjiel-Shaolee Clark
Ainjiel-Shaolee Clark

Ainjiel is an all round musical enthusiast. Throughout her career, she has worked alongside numerous choirs, educational workshops and taught in a 1:1 environment. Inspired by a wide variety of musical styles and backgrounds, Ainjiel blends both musicianship and creativity to a standard that simultaneously entices and inspires personal growth in others.

Since a young age Ainjiel has performed on the stage. Starting out in small theatre companies, she now features on a number of singles and films where her years of experience as a professional vocalist and recording artist are displayed. This passion for composing and recording original music has brought Ainjiel to work on her first album.

An appetite for singing led her to pick up a number of instruments. Achieving Grade 8 ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) in 3 principles of study, she is always seeking to expand her musical versatility. Promoting the life changing experiences music produces, the energy Ainjiel brings to Rock Choir allows her to spread positive energy wherever she goes.

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