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History of Oakwood Church

The churches of Roundhay Methodist and Roundhay St John (Church of England) have worked side by side at the heart of our local Oakwood community, supporting it in Christian faith since the early 1800s.

By 2006 the congregation of Roundhay St John no longer commanded sufficient resources to sustain their wonderful 1826 church building on Wetherby Road and began sharing the modern welcoming Roundhay Methodist Church building on Springwood Road.

The churches signed a new Covenant on 14 November 2013 forming an Ecumenical Partnership to worship together as Oakwood Church from 1 December 2013.

On 1 May 2014 we launched our Living and Giving Stewardship Campaign to highlight the many ways you can share your time, skills and resources at Oakwood Church and enjoy a more fulfilled life.

We identified that, as part of our Christian faith we welcome more than 600 local people of all ages and beliefs who come together every week for fun, friendship and mutual support.

Signing the Covenant - 14 November 2013 Services until 30 November 2013 Services during December 2013 Celebration Service - 1 December 2013 Carols at Oakwood Clock - 15 December 2013 Services from September 2014 Licensing of Reverend Canon Kathryn Fitzsimons - 13 January 2015 Reverend Debbie Nouwen - d.14 February 2022

History of Oakwood Church

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