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Joint Church Council

The Joint Church Council (JCC) comprises the Methodist Church Council (MCC) of Roundhay Methodist Church and the Parochial Church Council (PCC) of Roundhay St John’s Parish. The JCC meets 4 times per year to oversee the activities and functions of Oakwood Church. Most decisions are taken jointly, but certain issues are reserved for the relevant subset (Methodist or Anglican) of the JCC.

Methodist Church Council Parish Church Council
Name Role Name Role
Reverend Dr George Bailey Minister Reverend Canon Kathryn Fitzsimons Anglican Vicar
Reverend Robert Creamer Circuit Superintendent Reverend Sonia Kasibante Curate
Reverend John Mason Minister Paul Spencer Reader, Deanery Rep
Barbara Belsham Circuit Steward Peter Oldfield PCC Treasurer, Deanery Rep, Planned Giving, Electoral Roll Officer
Leanora Rankine Senior Steward Anne Bond Churchwarden, PCC Secretary
Christine Stopford Steward James Sheasby Thomas Churchwarden
Ruth Barlow Steward Brigid Jones PCC Member
Jill Fraser Steward Elaine Pye PCC Member
Sandra Hoto Steward Nominee Elsie Merrick PCC Member
Sue Noble Secretary Charlotte Spencer PCC Member
Paul Muncer Secretary Morris Smith PCC Member
Duncan Holden Resources Team
Margaret Burgess Resources Team
Margaret Dickinson Caring and Learning Team, Pastoral Secretary
Anne Kirkland Children and Youth Team, Safeguarding
Roger Richardson Worship Team