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Governance & Teams

The church and its congregation is cared for by:

The administration and management of the church is led by the Leadership Team, assisted by range of additional teams and the joint church council.

Joint Church Council

The Joint Church Council (JCC) is made up of the Roundhay Methodist Church Council and Roundhay St John Parochial Church Council, including members from the teams listed below and representatives from other activities that take place in the church. It meets 4 times per year.

Oakwood Church Annual Meeting

Once a year the Joint Church Council meets with the whole church to report on what’s been happening over the past year and to look to the future. It is an opportunity to thank those who have taken on the responsibility of governance in the church over the past year and celebrate the work that has been done in the name of Jesus.

For the continued governance of our church, we will elect Stewards, Churchwardens and Church Council members to ensure that we are legally and financially sound. In addition, there will be some conversation about issues of importance to the church.


Worship Team

Charity Giving Team

Caring and Learning Team

Resources Team

Children and Youth Team

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